How to Purchase a Discount Amtrak Ticket

Internet Sales

Seniors and military personnel need to select only their respective passenger type when prompted on the Amtrak website during the booking process. The discount is automatically applied. All other groups must purchase their fares at least three days in advance of travel and enter individual membership identification numbers to receive their respective discounts. All passengers with discounted fares must present valid identification as well as their membership cards, if applicable, upon request.

Phone Sales

As with Internet sales, no additional action is required by seniors and military members. They must identify themselves as such to the Amtrak agent. All other discount qualified passengers must purchase at least three days in advance and list their membership identification number to the Amtrak agent.


Amtrak occasionally offers promotional fare specials on various routes and discounted rail fares if combined with a purchase from a partnered business. Booking procedures vary by promotions. Visit the Amtrak website (see Resources) for the most up-to-date information. Amtrak offers discounted rail fares to various groups. Seniors and active military personnel qualify based on their age and affiliation. Other groups, based on membership, include AAA, Student Advantage, AARP, Veterans Advantage, National Association of Raioad Passengers (NARP) and International Students (ISIC).