How to Clean a Carb in a Yamaha



Ventilate the work area. Wear safety goggles, gloves and protective clothing. Ensure the work area is clean and clear.


Remove the carburetor from the engine following your Yamaha manufacturer's instructions.


Hold the carburetor over the bucket or container and locate the float bowl drain screw on the bottom of the carburetor. Remove the screw by turning it counterclockwise using a screwdriver.


Turn the carburetor around and drain as much fuel as possible fuel from the float bowl into the bucket.


Draw a diagram of the carburetor and take notes of where all of the parts are. Disassemble the carburetor piece by piece, making a note of each piece as you remove it. This process will be extremely helpful when you come to reassemble the carburetor after cleaning. Remove the diaphragm, needle and spring which are located at the top of the carburetor.


Spray the housing of the carburetor with the carburetor cleaner and use the compressed air to blow through all of the orifices to ensure they are clean and free of blockages. Scrub the housing of the carburetor clean with the wire brush.


Spray the jets with carburetor cleaner and poke through the jets with a bristle from the wire brush to clear out any debris. Use the compressed air where necessary to blow through any debris.


Place the carburetor housing and various metal parts inside the metal cans. Cover the parts with a 66:33 solution of Yamaha dip and water. Place the cans on the hot plate and turn the hot plate on. Allow the solution to heat up and turn off the heat just before it boils. Let the parts sit and soak in the solution for about 10 minutes to remove any caked-on debris. Allow the solution to cool down adequately. Remove the parts from the cans when it is safe to do so.


Reassemble the carburetor using your notes and diagram to ensure you do not forget anything. Attach the carburetor back to your Yamaha motorcycle.

A carburetor is a device inside a combustion engine which mixes the vapor from fuel with air before combustion takes place. With time, the fuel within the carburetor can begin to break down. The result of the break down can be a sticky, slimy substance which can block the carburetor, hindering its performance and hence the performance of the engine. Keeping the carburetor well maintained and clean is an essential part of the care and maintenance of your Yamaha engine, to prolong the life of the engine and to help to ensure optimal performance of the engine.