What Are Some Daily Activities on the Carnival Ship Glory?

The Carnival Glory is a 2,974 passenger cruise ship that travels to the Caribbean, Canada and New England, as of 2010. The ship features an art gallery, casino, library, music and dance clubs, a theater and a kids activity room, so passengers of all ages can find something to do.

Bars, Clubs and Casinos

The Carnival Glory features a variety of bars with live music and other entertainment. These bars include the Blue Bar, which features live jazz; the Cinn-A-Bar, a sing-along piano bar and a wine bar/comedy club called the Burgundy Bar. Passengers can see or, in the case of the Cinn-A-Bar, participate in live entertainment every day at these clubs.

Cultural Activities

Several opportunities to experience arts and culture include a nightly Vegas-style live show at the Amber Palace and the Black and White Library, which features framed vintage newspaper headlines and a small collection of games and reading material.


Spa Carnival includes a complimentary steam room and sauna, and the pool deck features swimming pools, a jogging track, basketball courts, a volleyball net, golf and ping pong tables. For an additional charge, passengers may take fitness classes.

Kids Activities

Kids ages 2 to 15 can participate in an activity program called Camp Carnival. This program includes free and supervised play, special dinners for kids, talent shows, treasure hunts, an arts and crafts center and a video arcade.