How to Use E-Tickets Airfare


Purchase your ticket online through the website of the airline of your choice. Provide your email address during booking; your e-ticket will be sent to that address.


Check your email for confirmation that the ticket has been successfully purchased.


Log on to the airline's site 24 hours before your travel time. Look up your ticket by signing in with the information provided in your airfare purchase confirmation.


Check in for your flight and indicate whether you will be checking luggage. Print your ticket when finished.


Go straight to the security line at the airport if you have no luggage to check. If you're checking luggage, drop off your suitcase at the loading area, then head to the security line.


Show your e-ticket to the security guard.

Tips and Warnings

  • Have proper ID on hand along with the e-ticket.
  • You can print only one copy of the e-ticket, so be sure not to lose it.
  • E-tickets are becoming a popular option for air travel, as the ease and convenience they provide are ideal for busy travelers. Most airlines offer the option of using an e-ticket, which requires little more than a computer and access to a printer. After using an e-ticket once, you'll be delighted at how easy and stress-free the process is, and you may never go back to using airline-issued tickets again.