How to Reserve a Tuxedo on Norwegian Cruise Lines


Read through the reservation package you received to confirm your cruise reservation. Locate the section on tuxedo rentals and submit the reservation form with your tuxedo selection, measurements and the date you need the tux. Call your reservation director if you don't have the tuxedo reservation form to have a new one sent to you.


If unable to reserve a tuxedo ahead of time, viisit the cruise tuxedo shop as soon as you arrive on board the cruise. The sooner you make the reservation, the better chance you have of getting a tuxedo since supplies are limited. Try a tuxedo on or get measured for proper fitting when you make the reservation.


Confirm how long you can hold onto the tuxedo rental. Ask what the rental fee is and any applicable late charges.


Place a deposit down for the tuxedo rental or pay for the entire rental when you make the reservation. The cruise can charge the rental to your room if you desire.


Let the tuxedo rental shop deliver the tuxedo directly to your stateroom on the day of the event.

Norwegian Cruise Lines offers cruises around the world. There will be certain black-tie dining events that require men to wear a tuxedo. If you don't own a tuxedo or just don't want to travel with one, you can reserve one directly from the cruise ship. Norwegian Cruise Lines does try to make the process easy and convenient, but you may not get a tux that fits you or meets you style desires if you wait until the last minute.