How to Choose a Cruise Ship Cabin


Cruise ships offer many different stateroom categories that are typically based on the room's view, such as interior or inside with no view, ocean view with a porthole or picture window, and balcony or veranda with a private outdoor sitting area. Stateroom prices vary greatly between categories, with interior staterooms being the lowest priced and balcony staterooms being the highest priced.


The size of the travel party may dictate the type of stateroom that can be reserved. For example, families with more than four travelers may require a larger stateroom, designated "family sized" by some cruise lines, or may feel more comfortable in a larger room such as a suite or villa, which can accommodate eight or more guests.


The location is also an important consideration when buying a cruise ship cabin. Rooms on higher decks and toward the middle of the ship will feel the most stable, while rooms on lower decks and at the ship's forward or aft will feel more movement, especially in rough waters. Guests who are prone to seasickness may prefer a mid-ship room on a higher deck. Cruises are one of the most popular types of vacations, offering guests a wide variety of itinerary and ship options. When making a reservation, it is important to select the right cruise ship cabin based on personal needs and preferences.