How to Name Your Own Price for a Flight


Check for the lowest price on a travel aggregator site. Enter your travel dates, origin and destination to find the lowest price. Know the lowest advertised price for the flight because this is the amount you want to bid under.


Visit the Priceline website (see Resources). As of August 2010, Priceline is the only site that allows customers to name their own price for a flight.


Bid on your flight by clicking the "Bid Now" button under the "Name Your Own Price" heading. Enter your departure and arrival airports, travel dates and the number of passengers. Enter the price you want to pay, passenger names and your billing information. Submit your bid.


Wait to find out if your bid was accepted; this can take up to 15 minutes. If accepted, the airline carrier and flight times are revealed. If not accepted, try to bid again immediately and change something in your criteria, such as the date or airport. In some instances, you could be offered the flight if you raise your bid by a certain amount. Otherwise, you must wait 24 hours to bid again.

If you are looking to cut down on travel costs, start by working to lower the price of your airline tickets. Work on getting the lowest airfare by naming your own price for a flight. Place a bid and see if any of the airline companies will accept it. According to Priceline, naming your own price for a flight can save you up to 40 percent on airfare costs.