How to Book First Class Tickets


Contact a travel agency as a first point of attack. Find out about discounted first-class tickets or groups of tickets they may have available. Some airline carriers will sell a block of discounted first class seats to a travel agent or can negotiate a better deal for you with the airlines. Travel agencies that specialize in first-class and business-class tickets can also prove helpful.


Book online at a travel website. Enter your location information and mark "First Class" as the cabin you'd like to reserve.


Look for fare types that begin with F or P and you'll know if you've found a first class ticket.


Search out discounted first class-tickets by identifying Y-UP or Q-UP fare codes. For flights to Asia or Europe, look for Z-UP fares. These fares will usually be found on one-way tickets rather than round-trip.


Select the flight time you want and continue to the information page to enter your personal information and credit card information.

Traveling regularly in coach can be cramped and chaotic. Dealing with gate and security queues, paying extra for baggage and sitting next to a screaming infant can all make your trip exceedingly unpleasant. With economy cabin meal and beverage services diminishing on short-haul and domestic flights as well, it might be time to make a change and start booking first class. Whether for the usual business trip or a special occasion, booking first class changes the nature of your airborne journey.