How do I Ship a Car Between Hawaiian Islands?


Start by collecting quotes from companies that ship vehicles in Hawaii. There are only a handful of companies that ship inter-island, so this shouldn't take long. But begin as early as possible because most companies require that you make your reservation at least two weeks in advance.


Make a reservation with the company. When making a reservation, you will need some or all of the following information: the full name and phone number of the person retrieving the car if it won't be you; port of origin; port of destination; year, make and model of the car; vehicle identification number; license plate number; vehicle registration; insurance information; and desired or expected date of shipping. Once you have made your reservation, the company will give you a confirmation number and an appointment time for you to drop off your vehicle.


Ask the company what your options are for insuring the vehicle during transportation and if it is required. It varies widely from company to company.


Prepare your car to be shipped. First, your vehicle must be in working order. There must be at least five inches of ground clearance. Most companies require that you completely empty all of your personal belongings from the vehicle. It must be clean with no plant or dirt debris. Lastly, your gas tank cannot be more than one quarter full.


Drop off your car on the day of your appointment and bring with you the confirmation number and a valid form of identification. You will also need current registration or certificate of ownership. If you are not the registered owner of the vehicle, you need to have a notarized letter from either the legal owner or registered owner of the vehicle stating that you are authorized to ship the vehicle. The letter must also contain the following vehicle information: year, make, model, VIN, license plate number, color and weight. Before they take your car, they will do a detailed inspection for any damage and they will confirm your insurance option with you.


The company will notify you when your car reaches its destination and can be retrieved. To retrieve your vehicle, you will need a valid form of identification. Before you leave, inspect your car for any damage caused by the shipment.

Tips and Warnings

  • Double check that you have all of the required paperwork completed and necessary documents on you when you drop off your vehicle for shipment. If you are missing even one thing, they will not ship your vehicle.
  • Moving from one Hawaiian island to another presents challenges that the average person may not even consider. Generally one of the main tools in moving is your personal car or truck, but when moving to another island, your car or truck must also be shipped. It is a process that takes time and organization, so don't wait until the last minute to make a reservation and prepare your car for the move.