Cruises Leaving Near Mississippi

Cruises to the local barrier islands and Mississippi's inland waterways are available throughout much of the year in the Gulf Coast region. The short cruises--usually just two- to three-hour trips around lunchtime or near sunset--offer tourists a chance to view the local wildlife in an uninterrupted setting. The boats also offer fishing excursions and are the only water cruisers in the area as the major international cruise lines sail to foreign countries from nearby New Orleans.

Biloxi Shrimping Trip

Sunset cruises aboard the Biloxi Shrimping Trip's Sailfish offer tourists a chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the Gulf Coast. The two-hour cruise provides an up-close-and-personal view of local marine life including dolphins, seagulls, cranes and pelicans. Previously run for private groups over the past several years, the sunset cruise was opened to the public in 2010. The public tours run from March to August while private tours can be arranged February through November. A minimum of six guests are needed to sail, and reservations are required. Discounts are available for groups of 20 or more. The boat is also used for shrimping trips, fishing tours and birthday parties.

Biloxi Shrimping Trip

3198 Racetrack Road

D'Iberville, MS 39540


Biloxi Bay Charters and Nature Tours

Biloxi Bay Charters and Nature Tours offers personalized service on its 28-foot Voyager ship that cruises the Mississippi coastline. Travelers revel in the sun and enjoy great sightseeing opportunities while fishing and crabbing around Deer Island or picnicking within sight of local island sand bars and swimming holes. Three cruises--Sunset, Nature and Katrina--are available and all equipment, and licenses are provided. Six travelers at a time can cruise around Biloxi Bay with captain Eris or captain Andy and a dockside lunch is available for a fee.

Biloxi Bay Charters and Nature Tours

Biloxi Small Craft Harbor

Biloxi, MS 39530


Fort Bayou Charters

Fort Bayou Charters offers travelers a wide-range of options to get into the Gulf and surrounding rivers near Biloxi, Mississippi. Three-hour Eco Charters bring visitors out to the barrier islands along the Mississippi coastline where they can regularly view alligators and bottle-nose dolphins along with awe-inspiring Gulf Coast sunsets. Birdwatching is also popular with tourists. Cruises are available at lunch and dinnertime and sail with only four visitors at a time. Fort Bayou Charters also offers inshore fishing excursions between four and eight hours, including a night excursion and an alligator car tour. Fishing trips include bait, tackle and a fishing license.

Fort Bayou Charters

13305 RS Kimball Road

Ocean Springs, MS 39565