The Ways to Keep Your Car Brakes Cool

Keeping car brakes cool is an important part of overall car maintenance. A large part of keeping brakes cool involves taking the steps to keep brakes from overheating. Basic brake maintenance is important, as is keeping an eye- and ear- out for warning signs of brake trouble and brake overheating. If brakes are kept cool, it will extend brake life.

Cross-Drilled Rotors

One way to start is with the type of brake rotors. The rotors are the metal discs that are an integral part of the braking system, and cross drilled rotors are a special type of rotor featuring tiny holes drilled into the discs. The multiple holes allow the rotors to flick dirt, water, and road debris away from the brakes. The constant removal of this debris allows brakes to stay clean, and keeps the brake system from overworking and overheating.

Brake Pad Changes

Brake pads need to be changed on a regular basis. If brake pads are worn, the metal components of the brake and rotors will be creating friction and heat. Regular brake pad changes will keep brakes cool. While there is no specific mileage when brake pads should be changed, brake pads generally need to be replaced at certain points. If there are visible signs of damage to the pads, or if you must put your foot all the way to the floor to brake, or if your brakes begin to squeal, it's time for new brake pads, according to

Modest Speeds

Brakes may overheat when the brake pads are continually exposed to the same spot on the rotor. To avoid this, drive at modest speeds for around five minutes. This will "keep the discs from warping from the concentrated heat in the area covered by the pads," according to Popular Mechanics.