Renting a Car in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Reserve the Car


Go to a car-rental website such as Sixt. (See Reference 1) Select The Netherlands in the country field under "Pickup." Select "Eindhoven Airport" in the location field. Select the return location.

Select the dates and hour of pickup and dropoff for the car rental in the calendar fields under "Period."

Review and change the country of residence and customer-card options if necessary.

Click on the "Calculate Prices" button.


Review the start and end details of the rental.


Select the car in the menu to the left. In the menu to the right, review the price and options. Select whether to prepay the rental or whether to pay by having your credit card charged after the return. Click the "Continue" button.


Fill in all personal details in the form on the screen.


Check the "method of payment" box. Fill in credit card details. Click the "Book now" button. This can also be done after clicking the "Online Check-In" button at the following page.


Print out the booking, unless you selected to have the booking sent to a mobile phone.

Pick Up the Car


Go to the car rental office at Eindhoven Airport, which is located in the car rental building.


Present your reservation, driver's license and international driver's permit, passport, and credit card to the agent.


Sign the rental agreement. Receive the keys and pick up the car.

Return the Car


Park the car at the assigned location.


Remove all personal belongings and luggage from the car.


Drop the keys in the drop-off box. The car and keys have a chip that allow the system to automatically detect that your car has been dropped off, ending the rental agreement. Note that this does not apply for all rental agencies. You might have to return the car the traditional way.

Tips and Warnings

  • The reservation can be done from a mobile phone using SMS.
  • Reservations can be done up to 20 minutes before the rental.
  • Select a small car. Streets in European cities can be narrow, and distances in Holland do not require a lot of driving.
  • The International Driving Permit (also known as International Driver's License) is required for non-EU drivers. In the United States, the only organizations licensed by the State Department to issue an IDP are the American Automobile Association (AAA) and the National Automobile Club.
  • Refill the fuel tank of the the car before returning it, otherwise a surcharge will apply.
  • Many European car rental companies, including Sixt, charge a "premium location fee" for rental at airports and train stations.
  • The city of Eindhoven is the fifth largest city in The Netherlands. It is well-connected to the Dutch road network.

    Renting cars in Holland is not difficult. However, car rental agencies might require that the renter is over the age of 21, even though the legal driving age is 18. They also normally require that the driver has held a license for more than two years.

    There are several car rental agencies in Eindhoven, both in the city proper and at the airport. They offer a range of cars, from compact cars to luxury sedans and minibuses. Insurance is normally included in the rental.