How to Find the Cheapest Airfare to Minnesota


Establish your date of travel. Determine the length of your trip and from which starting city you will depart. Search the Internet at various travel websites to find the best deal.


Visit many websites that you found from your Internet search. Using such sites as Cheap Tickets ( and Cheap Flights ( can be a great starting point. Enter the date you expect to travel. Enter the expected return date. If the feature is available, click on the "fly anytime" button. This will help you increase the chance of a lower fare.


Avoid booking your flights on normally busy days. Fly midweek to take advantage empty seats. Also check on departing from a smaller, neighboring airport. This can help save reduce the cost of flying.


Search for flights with multiple stops. Airlines are willing to lower the rate for a passenger willing to take a little longer to get to where they are going. Also, try to avoid traveling right before or right after major holidays. This is one time of the year airlines take advantage of passengers seeking to get to their destination faster.


Consult with a travel agency. Many times an agent can find rates available that most websites or airlines do not openly disclose. Mostly unknown to the general public, many airlines offer special flight codes such as an "X or Y" fares. A well-trained travel agent will know of such codes and can help you find a lower rate for your flight.

Looking for cheap airfares can be a time consuming and complicated event that even a seasoned traveler could find aggravating. Once you have chosen your destination city in Minnesota, remember a few simple rules when seeking the lowest price. Be flexible in your travel times, always fly into the main hub and try to book your flight weeks in advance. You can research many airline websites and travel agencies to check for deals. You can read your local paper, as many airlines advertise and print specials.