How to Bungie a Back Rest to a Motorcycle Luggage Rack


Secure the luggage to the rack before installing the backrest. Keep the luggage placed in a symmetrical fashion so neither side has more weight than the other. Try and put the harder and larger pieces of baggage and gear as close as possible to where the backrest will be.


Place the backrest next to the rack and luggage. Position the backrest so it is at an angle of between 45 and 85 degrees to the motorcycle seat.


Pull one bungee cord around to the back side of the luggage rack and attach the hook into one of the luggage rack's parallel bars. Pull the other end of the bungee up and over the backrest, forming a diagonal line across the front of the backrest. Pull the hook around the bottom of the backrest; bring the hook around to the luggage rack and attach it to one of the rack's parallel bars.


Pull another bungee the same way as in Step 3, but start on the opposite side of the first bungee. Attach the hook to a parallel bar, and then bring the cord up and around the backrest so you form a crisscross with the two bungees as they pass in front of the backrest. Attach the hook of the bungee to a parallel bar behind the backrest and the luggage rack.


Pull one bungee cord going around the backrest in the middle. Attach a hook on one side of the luggage rack and the other hook to the opposite side end. Repeat this with the last bungee cord.


Pull on the backrest to test if it's safely secured. If there is more than one inch of movement on either side of the backrest, tighten the bungees by moving their attachment points to a tighter position.

Motorcycle camping gets you out on the open road and puts you in the heart of the action. Robert Pirsig, author or "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance," wrote that being on a motorcycle makes you an active participant versus being a passive observer in an auto. But with all the gear and luggage you need to bring, it seems hard to imagine room for a passenger. With a few bungee cords, you can fix a backrest to the luggage rack allowing a passenger to ride behind you on the motorcycle.