Honda Fury Specifications

The Honda Fury is "the chopper you would build for yourself -- if you had a factory instead of a garage," says the Honda promotion for its chopper-style motorcycle. The Fury was designed to appeal to a new crowd, since this Honda is less of a traditional Honda bike and more of a new approach that stresses the total ride. The Fury can be ridden as-is or can be customized, depending upon the customer's wishes.


The Honda Fury contains a 1312-cc, liquid-cooled, 52-degree, V-twin engine. The bore is 89.5 mm, and the stroke is 104.3 mm. The fuel injection comes from a PGM-FI featuring an automatic enricher circuit with one 38-mm throttle body. The Honda Fury has a digital ignition with two spark plugs for each cylinder. The compression ratio for the Honda Fury is 9.2:1. The Valve train type is SOHC, featuring three valves on each cylinder.

Drive Train

The Honda Fury features a five-speed transmission and a shaft final drive that is "virtually maintenance-free," according to Honda.

Chassis, Suspension and Brakes

The Honda Fury front suspension features 45-mm fork and 4 inches travel. The rear single-shock suspension features five-position spring preload adjustability and 3.7 inches travel. The standard brake system features a 336-mm disc with twin-piston caliper (front brake) and a 296-mm disc featuring a single-piston caliper (rear brake.) Front-tire specifications are 90/90-21, with rear-tire specs of 200/50-18.


The Honda Fury wheel base spans 71.24 inches between axles. The bike has a seat height of 26.7 inches. The curb weight of the Honda Fury is 663 pounds when the vehicle is fully fueled and has standard equipment only. The Fury has a fuel capacity of 3.4 gallons and averages 46 miles per gallon. Honda bases this number on an Environmental Protection Agency emission test, but actual mileage numbers will vary widely according to a number of factors including road condition, vehicle maintenance and cargo.