Bus Travel in Croatia


You do not need to purchase tickets in advance for buses in Croatia but it is suggested that you do so. All buses have assigned seats and many lines fill up without room for travelers who just arrive. Tickets are not available online; they are only available at the bus station.


Long bus rides in Croatia often stop for 10 minutes at rest stops every two hours. Utilize this time to use the rest room or grab a snack. If you are traveling to Dubrovnik by bus also have your passport in an accessible location.


You are allowed to carry items on to the bus, but any luggage you must put in the storage area will cost you extra fees. When traveling to Croatia one of the best ways to get around the country is by bus. Eleven bus companies (including AK Karlovac, Croatia bus and Promet Split) travel from most cities and villages to other areas of the country as well as surrounding countries.