Uses for an Enclosed V-Nose Trailer

Enclosed v-nose trailers are often chosen because of their increased aerodynamics, which results in less drag (easier towing) and increased gas mileage, while still shielding from the elements whatever you're hauling in the enclosed space. While you can haul whatever fits in your enclosed v-nose trailer, there are a few common uses for them. V-nose enclosed trailers come in a variety of sizes to fit your particular needs.

Motorcycles or Dirt Bikes

Motorcycles or dirt bikes are common things to haul in a v-nose trailer. V-nose trailers have better aerodynamics, allowing drivers to get to where they're going using less fuel, while their motorcycles or dirt bikes are protected and enclosed. There is also a bit more room in the front of a v-nose in comparison to a flat front enclosed trailer, so there is room for tools and parts.


Snowmobiles are machines that are commonly hauled in a v-nose enclosed trailer for many of the same reasons as motorcycles and dirt bikes; it takes less fuel to get to your destination, it's not as hard on your towing vehicle because a v-nose creates less drag, your machines are enclosed and protected from the weather and thieves and there is additional room in the front for spare parts, tools and gear. Depending on the size of your v-nose enclosed trailer, you may be able to fit multiple machines in the trailer at the same time.


Often those in car racing or car shows use enclosed trailers to haul their cars around. Enclosed trailers not only protect them from rain, snow and hail, but also from the sun, which can be very damaging to a car's paint when exposed to it for long periods of time. You can transform the trailer into a mini-garage housing the car, extra parts, gear and even a golf cart, if going to a large event where you will need to get around the grounds quickly.


Bands that travel, whether for school, fun or as a living, may use enclosed v-neck trailers to haul their equipment in. There is additional space in the same length of trailer because of the v-nose, which can result in buying a smaller trailer at a lower price than a larger one, while being able to get more equipment into it. It also makes traveling to different gigs less expensive than if the band used a flat front trailer. Drum sets, sound equipment, guitars, keyboards, trombones, trumpets, music stands, costumes, etc., can all be hauled in an enclosed v-nose trailer.

Lawn Care Equipment

Lawn care businesses can use a v-nose enclosed trailer to haul their lawn equipment from one work site to another. Storage devices can be rigged on the inside sides of a v-nose enclosed trailer to accommodate rakes, shovels, hoes, potting soil and mulch, while leaving the middle of the trailer free for large equipment such as mowers, weed eaters and fertilizers.