The Consumer Guide to Air Travel

Air Fares, Tickets, and Scheduling

The DOT "Fly Rights" brochure provides helpful tips on how to find good airfares and how to choose between fares. It also discusses airline reservation practices, payment and refund procedures, and warns consumers about documents needed at the airport.

Overbooking and Canceled Flights

The "Fly Rights" brochure explains overbooking procedures for voluntary and involuntary bumping, including the rules regarding compensation for being bumped. It also gives advice on types of flight delays and what flyers can do if their flights are delayed. In addition, it discusses airline policies regarding canceled flights and re-booking.


The "Fly Rights" brochure provides advice on how to pack luggage for air flight, including what items should be checked versus what should be carried into the cabin. It discusses what to do if your baggage is lost, damaged or delayed. The brochure also provides advice on how to check in bags and how to pick them up at baggage claim.

Other "Fly Rights" Topics

The DOT "Fly Rights" brochure also discusses smoking on airplanes, frequent-flyer programs, travel scams, airline safety and security, and health considerations regarding flying. In 2010, the Department of Transportation (DOT) issued an updated version of its "Fly Rights" booklet, which provides flyers with a helpful guide to air travel for consumers.