How Fast Is a Lear Jet?

Learjet 45

The Learjet 45 is a nine-seat jet first used in 1992. It is super-light, weighing only 35,000 pounds and has a long-range cruise speed of 778 km/h. The maximum operating altitude for the 45 is 51,000 ft. It contains two Honeywell turbofan engines.

Learjet 55C and 60

The Learjet 55C was first introduced and used in 1979. This Learjet offers a maximum speed of 884 km/h. The maximum cruising speed of the 55C is 843 km/h and the economical cruising speed is 778 km/h. The Learjet 60 offers similar specs to the 55C. The high cruising speed of the 60 is 839 km/h and the normal cruising speed is 828 km/h.

Learjet 23

This aircraft first flew in 1963 and originated in Switzerland. It has a maximum speed of 903 km/h. The normal cruising speed is 834 km/h. Lear jets are small aircraft chiefly used for business purposes. Many different makes and models of Lear jets are in use, each type being identified by a number.