Winter Driving Training


Drive more slowly than usual and brake gently, as this will reduce chances of skidding, according to Stay in low gears to increase traction, and be especially careful on overpasses and bridges, as these will freeze first. Do not pass snow plows, as their drivers may have trouble seeing you.

Front Wheel Skid

Take your foot off the gas if your front wheels skid. Shift into neutral, but don't try to steer. Start steering as the wheels regain traction, then put the car in drive.

Rear Wheel Skid

Release the accelerator if your back wheels skid. Pump the brakes gently if you have standard brakes, or apply constant pressure to anti-lock brakes. Steer the front wheels in the direction you want to travel.

Getting Stuck

Rocking the car may help you get unstuck, according to Dig away snow and ice with a shovel, and use kitty litter or sand to help the wheels gain traction. You should avoid driving in bad winter weather if possible, according to Allow extra time to reach your destination, as you will want to wait to drive until the sanding trucks and snow plows have done their work.