How to Take CTA Public Transportation to O'Hare Airport


Find Chicago O'Hare on the CTA map. The airport is on Chicago's far northwest side and is the last stop on the CTA Blue Line.


Track the CTA Blue Line's route through Chicago. From the west, the Blue Line treks through the Interstate 290 Eisenhower Expressway median into the Loop. In the Loop, the Blue Line subway has stations along Dearborn Street. From there, the Blue Line turns northwest and follows Milwaukee Avenue and the I-90 Kennedy Expressway to O'Hare.


Locate transfer points onto the Blue Line from other CTA routes. All CTA lines converge downtown at the Loop. Most CTA riders transfer onto the Blue Line at the Clark and Lake station. From the Red Line, you can transfer to the Blue Line at Jackson.


Find major corridors for CTA trains in Chicago besides the Blue Line. On the North Side, the Red and Brown Lines parallel Sheridan Road, Broadway Avenue, Sheffield Avenue and Lincoln Avenue. On the South Side, CTA train service is available off the King Drive and Dan Ryan Expressway corridors. The Pink Line heads into the Loop from Oak Park, via Cermak Road.


Get exact change and walk to your nearest CTA train station to buy a fare card. As of 2010, CTA fare cards cost $2.25 for one-way travel. Read signs at the train station to determine directions before boarding. CTA Blue Line trains to the airport have an overhead banner that says "O'Hare" and has an airplane symbol. Trains headed downtown usually flash the word "Loop."


Transfer onto the CTA Blue Line, if necessary. Again, you can transfer onto the Blue Line at Jackson or Clark and Lake. Blue Line CTA trains to O'Hare feature an airplane emblem.


Exit CTA Blue Line trains at O'Hare Airport. O'Hare is the last stop on the line. Walk 500 feet into the terminal from this CTA station.

Tips and Warnings

  • The CTA Blue Line offers 24-hour service to Chicago O'Hare Airport.
  • By all measures, Chicago O'Hare International Airport rivals Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for the designation as America's busiest airport. Area roads leading up to Chicago O'Hare often are riddled with gridlock. Traffic analytics provider Inrix lists the Interstate 90 portion of the Kennedy Expressway between the Chicago Loop and O'Hare as one of America's worst bottlenecks. To preserve your sanity and save time, take CTA public transportation to O'Hare Airport.