How to Take CTA Public Transportation to Midway Airport


Find Midway Airport on your CTA Map. Midway is the last stop on the Orange Line in Chicago's southwest side.


Trace the path of the Orange Line through Chicago. The Orange Line wraps around the downtown Loop as an elevated, or el, train before turning south and west to Midway. The Orange Line generally follows the I-55 Stevenson and Archer Avenue corridors.


Identify transfer points onto the Orange Line in Chicago. All CTA train lines converge upon the Orange Line for transfers in the Loop. From the south side, the CTA Red, Orange and Green Lines all come together at Roosevelt.


Locate your nearest train station and line. Again, the Orange Line generally traces Archer Avenue. Also on the south side, the Red and Green Lines follow the I-90/94 Dan Ryan Expressway and King Drive, respectively. On the north and west sides, you can pick up CTA trains at the Eisenhower Expressway, Kennedy Expressway, Sheridan Road, Broadway, and Lincoln Avenue.


Enter the closest CTA train station and purchase a fare card. As of Fall 2010, you will pay $2.25 for a one-way CTA train ride -- including transfers. Bring the exact amount because the CTA machines do not make change. Depending on your location, you will board a train headed for either Midway or the Loop.


Exit your train and transfer onto the Orange Line in the Loop, if necessary. The Orange Line intersects each CTA train line at various points in the Loop. CTA Orange Line trains headed for Midway feature an airplane emblem.


Leave the CTA train system at Midway Airport. From there, you can follow signs into the Midway terminal. The walkway path between Midway and CTA trains features orange color-coded striping.

Most travelers into and out of Chicago view Midway Airport as a nice alternative to the busy O'Hare Airport. Midway is positioned closer to the downtown Loop, while also serving as a hub for low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines. Ironically, the I-55 Stevenson Expressway and IL 50 Cicero Avenue connections into Midway are often snarled with traffic because of these conveniences. To save time and money, it is recommended that you take Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) trains to Midway.