How to Name Your Own Price for Air Fare


Perform a keyword search in your preferred search engine for an airline ticketing company that gives customers the option to name their own airfare price. Inserting "name your own airfare price" as a keyword search will give you several results.


Select a website and navigate to its "name your own price" feature.


Choose your departure and arrival airports. Some sites may provide you with a specific list, while others will allow you to input your choices.


Enter the highest dollar amount that you are willing to pay for a round-trip ticket.


Submit your offer, and wait to see if it is approved.


Purchase your ticket to view your flight times.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you live near more than one of the listed airports, choose them both to increase your chances of getting your ticket price accepted.
  • Bid low enough to account for processing charges and taxes.
  • Tickets purchased through the "name your own" airfare method may not be entitled to a transfer, refund or cancellation.
  • Air travel is usually convenient, but the prices to fly are usually not. Booking your trip months in advance may reduce the cost of your airfare, but you are not always able to make your flight arrangements ahead of time. If you are looking for a deal on airfare, many discount airfare businesses are available online. Customers who are flexible with their flight times can bid on their airfare rates at these sites and pay a fraction of regular prices.