How to Fly to China


Purchase an airline ticket to China. The most popular destinations for international arrivals are Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Tickets may be bought from travel agents online, and flights tend to be cheaper when they include multiple stops.


Obtain a visa from the nearest Chinese consulate or embassy in your country. For tourists, the "L" visa is the most common type, however there other types of visa depending on the purpose of travel. Your passport, two passport-sized photographs, your flight itinerary, an application form, and the visa fee (which varies depending on nationality and visa type) must be submitted to the consulate or embassy. It takes an average of five days to obtain a Chinese visa if all documents are in order.


Plan for the difference in time zones. All of China is in the GMT+7 time zone, and thus adjusting your sleep patterns a few nights in advance will ensure that your jet lag will be minimal upon your arrival.


Fill out the customs declaration form, which is often handed to you during your flight. Chinese customs requires that you fill out the address of your accommodation on the form, so if you are staying in a hotel, it is advisable to book such accommodation in advance and have the address handy while traveling.

China has become an increasingly popular travel destination in recent years, and thus more and more people are flying to China for business or sight-seeing reasons. Although the procedures involved in flying to China are similar to those for flying to other destinations, there are a set of visa and customs requirements that you must meet. By following a few simple steps, however, you can be assured that your flight to China will be trouble-free.