How to Apply for a Handicap Sticker


Find out if you are qualified. To obtain a handicap placard, license plate or sticker, the applicant should have at least one of the following disabilities: blindness, not able to use one or both arms, loss of lower extremities, cannot walk 200 feet without stopping, in a wheelchair or using prosthetic device, serious lung disease, uses portable oxygen, severe cardiac condition, or the limited ability to walk due to arthritic, neurological or orthopedic condition.

If you are a veteran who was injured or acquired disease while on active duty, you can apply for the Disabled Veteran License Plate or sticker. Your disabilities must be one of the following: permanently blind, lost one or more limbs, unable to move without the help of another person, and has serious mobility issues.


Gather supporting documents. Get certification from your physician concerning your disability. You also need to provide the current vehicle registration card in your name if you are applying for Disabled Person License Plate or sticker. You do not need to own a vehicle to get the Disabled Person Placard. Your caregiver can use the placard as long as you are in the vehicle and doing activities concerning you, such as doctor's appointments.

You do not need to provide doctor's certification if you lost both arms or both legs and you appear in the Department of Motor Vehicle's office in person.


Mail the application. You can download or have someone download the application form for you. It is available in your state's Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Transportation's website. Carefully fill out the paper and send it by mail along with all the supporting documents. It usually takes two weeks after you mail your application before you receive your placard or sticker.

Tips and Warnings

  • Placard abuse, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles, can result in the revocation and cancellation and is punishable by a minimum fine of $250 up to $3,500 or imprisonment up to six months.
  • The handicap sticker is issued to a person with a disability who owns a vehicle but does not want a Disabled Person License Plate. Applicants have to go through the same process as applying for the Disabled Person placard or license plate to obtain one. The sticker must be placed in the lower right corner of the regular rear plate. It is valid as long as the car registration is current.