Greek Island Cruises on Small Ships

Exploring the Greek islands on a small ship lets passengers explore remote islands where large ships cannot dock. Small ships are more hassle-free, with itineraries relaxed and flexible and fewer organized activities. Passengers learn more about the Greek islands, visit the bridge, meet the crew and can steer the ship. Activities are more intimate, sometimes consisting of presentations by local experts who describe the geography, archeology and culture of the islands.


A cruising yacht typically has a passenger capacity of about 20 to 24 with 10 or 12 cabins that each contain a private bath. A yacht provides the feeling of a private cruise. Passengers can schedule Greek island cruises lasting three to 14 days or can charter the yacht for a longer and more personalized cruise around the islands. These trips feature educational tours of the islands but passengers are free to explore on their own. Fishing, windsurfing and scuba hires are available from the ship.

Mega Yacht

Mega yachts are larger than standard yachts, with approximately 22 cabins and a passenger capacity of around 46. While larger than a typical yacht, a mega yacht still provides a private cruise atmosphere. Passengers can select to explore the Greek islands for as few as three days up to two weeks. Mega yachts feature more activities than a standard yacht while keeping the informal itinerary. All guests can be seated at a single dining table and meals here are five-star restaurant quality. Passengers can request to have attentive service or to be left entirely alone.

Tall Ship

While a tall ship, otherwise known as a clipper ship, looks like something out of a history book, it is a modern and luxurious way to travel and a unique way to visit the Greek islands. Clipper ships have a passenger capacity of around 150 and pamper their guests with spacious state rooms and expansive decks and pools. Clipper ships are often appointed with antique furnishings and artwork that pay homage to the tradition of these grand vessels. Tall ships feature elegant dining, exciting nightlife and sometimes an on-board library.

Small Sailing Vessel

Travelers who wish for complete privacy and a hands-on sailing experience can reserve a very small sailing ship. These ships contain only two or four cabins with a maximum passenger capacity of around eight. In spite of its size, this cruise option features a professional staff who serve breakfast and lunch on board. Dinner on these cruises is typically enjoyed at that day's port of call or carried back to the ship. Small sailing vessels can make alterations in the schedule at the request of passengers.