What Airlines Travel From Houston to London?

The double-decker buses and red telephone booths of quintessential London may seem a world away from the flat lands and oil rigs of Houston, Texas, but overseas travelers will be surprised by the ease of hopping to and from these two cities. A quick look at available non-stop flights from Houston to London reveals that the flight time is roughly nine hours and most flights are overnight journeys, departing in the late afternoon or early evening and arriving in London early the next morning.


The world's fifth largest airline, Continental has a hub in Houston, which means it offers direct flights from there to numerous international destinations, including London. BusinessFirst passengers will enjoy onboard amenities such as sleeper seats that recline 170 degrees and all seat classes are provided with free beverages and two complimentary meals on the way to London --- a hot dinner and breakfast before arrival.

Continental Airlines International Reservations

1600 Smith Street

Houston, TX 77002



British Airways

British Airways offers the most non-stop flights between Houston and London. The entertainment system provided on overseas British Airways flights features personal televisions on each seatback, so passengers can choose their own movies, television programs, and radio stations. Children have the Skyflyers activity pack full of games and activities that change based on the child's age. Passengers flying from Houston to London on British Airways will also enjoy a complimentary three-course meal and bar service. Four different classes of seats are offered on these flights with some seats fully reclining.

British Airways

P.O. Box 365

Harmondsworth, England





Other airlines service Houston with direct flights to London, including United, Lufthansa, and British Midland International. However, these carriers are often operated by partner airlines---most notably, Continental. While a passenger may purchase a ticket via United, Lufthansa, or BMI, the flight could be a Continental aircraft. Passenger should read the fine print in their ticketing information. Other airlines, such as American, offer flights from Houston to London with connecting flights, meaning passengers will have a layover in another city.