How to Rent Cars in Montreal


Choose a car-rental comparison site such as Compare Car Rental, Travel Supermarket or Car Rental Express. There are many car-leasing agencies in Montreal and a comparison site allows you to choose the best location with the right vehicle and price for you.


Type in Montreal as your pickup location and the dates when you need the car. Some websites give you several location options, such as Mirabel International Airport or downtown Montreal.


Fill in any additional fields such as your age and what type of car you're looking for, then press "Search." Consider a smaller car with an automatic transmission if you will be doing a lot of city driving because Montreal's roads are crowded and busy.


Choose your car from the company that provided the best deal on the comparison site. The rental company's website should indicate how many people and suitcases will fit in any given car.


Read the rental agreement and insurance options carefully. The rental company will go over some details with you in person, but it is important to read the details of provided before you agree to the terms.


Use your credit card to secure your rental online. Keep the company's phone number handy so that you can call if you can't find the pickup location. Make sure you write down the area code as well, because Montreal has three different area codes.

Tips and Warnings

  • Most car rental agencies will allow you to return the car to a different location, but you may not be able to check that from your comparison web site. Instead, you can navigate to the home page of the car rental agency's website and enter a different drop-off location from there.
  • Some rental companies charge extra for people under 25 or over 65.
  • The city of Montreal, in Québec, Canada, is within a day's drive of Toronto, Ottawa and Québec City, so lots of travel options exist if you rent a car in Montreal. Because of the city's large size, a number of Canadian car-leasing agencies have rental locations in Montreal. Cars can be picked up from Mirabel International Airport or locations in downtown Montreal, and can often returned to other locations in Canada if you want to see more of the country.