Scenic European River Cruises

See romantic Europe from the waterways that wind through some of the continent's most scenic countryside. Drift down the rivers and canals and across the lakes of Europe and you will get to know the people and the culture from a more intimate vantage point. Whether you choose a day trip or invest in a longer tour that includes on-board accommodations or overnight stays in selected hotels, you will see a side of Europe that ordinary tourists never see.

Switzerland and the Romantic Rhine

You will spend 18 days aboard the super-long Scenic Tour cruiser, drifting leisurely from Zurich, Switzerland, to ports such as the Black Forest, Strasbourg, Baden-Baden, Heidelberg, Luxembourg, Bonn and ending up in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The long galley-style boat offers large staterooms with balconies. Fine dining and a lounge are available on the boat, although a few meals are taken in port while on excursions. The tour company provides bicycles for use in ports. Enjoy a folklore show while in Zurich, an excursion to the Alsace-Lorraine wine-producing country and take a guided tour of Anne Frank's home in Amsterdam.

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100 Highlights Tour Amsterdam

For a shorter scenic cruise, consider a brief excursion on the 100 Highlights Tour that explores a few of the 160 canals in Amsterdam. See the city up close as you glide through the waterways for glimpses of beautiful churches, government buildings, mansions and other sights. At the right time of year you will see the tulips blooming. These quickie tours last one hour and are narrated to explain the sights along the way. English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese languages are accommodated. These tour boats run all day at quarter-hour increments during the day and half-hour increments in the evening. Extra tours are available during March, which is the beginning of tulip season.

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Windspirit Rome to Athens

Windstar Cruises takes you on an eight-day tour of the Greek islands with plenty of time at sea to marvel at the beauty of the Mediterranean. Begin your cruise on the ship Windspirit in Rome and hop from Ischia and Amalfi, Italy, to Messina in Sicily. After a day of cruising you will visit Monemvasia, Milos and Athens, Greece. Shore excursions visit, among other places, to Pompeii and the Acropolis. Enjoy the spa and fitness facilities while on board, and if you're feeling lucky, visit the casino.

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