How to Securely Book a Flight Bidding on Priceline


Remember the Priceline rules. When bidding, you must remember that once you have authorized Priceline to charge your credit card, your reservation is non-refundable and cannot be changed.


Be flexible with your dates. For the best prices, you should always travel on off-peak days. That means you should avoid holidays and weekends.


Look for more than one airport. Trying different airports nearby can find you a budget flight. It also gives you the option to immediately rebid.


Research airfares on other websites. This will give you an idea of flight prices so that you don't overbid.


Adjust your bid higher, if you have non-negotiable travel dates.


Make riskier lower bids if you are looking for flights weeks in advance.


Bid on one airport at a time. Priceline may show you additional airports, but do not choose these airports as options. This will give you immediate options if your original bid is rejected.

Tips and Warnings

  • Remember that Priceline adds taxes and fees to your bid. If the final price is more than you expected you can still adjust your bid before finalizing it.
  • If you are a student, compare Priceline to student travel websites like Student Universe. This can significantly reduce the price of your final bid. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 25 qualify.
  • One of the great things about Priceline is that they allow you to name your own price. This is a nice option if you would like to save some money on air travel or hotel accommodations. However, sometimes bidding can be a tricky business. By remembering some simple tips you will guarantee a cheaper price for air travel from Priceline. And remember, if you manage to find something cheaper than what you bid, Priceline will refund the money with their Best Price Guarantee.