What Is a Frequent Flyer?

Accumulated Miles

According to Frequent Flyer Services, there are over 75 million frequent flyers who are members of awards programs. Together they log more than 650 billion miles annually. One frequent flyer account is reported to have accumulated over 23 million miles.


There are about 92 existing frequent flyer programs. They typically allow members to earn miles in additional ways, like renting cars, staying in hotels and using credit cards. American Airlines, the largest frequent flyer program, has over 46 million members.

Additional Facts

Active members of frequent flyer programs earn an average of 11,364 miles a year. About 307,000 frequent flyers have accumulated at least 1 million miles in their accounts. Business travelers are credited for much of the growth of award programs, although over the years, more leisure travelers have also become frequent flyers. A frequent flyer is someone who frequently travels on commercial airline flights and may use the same carrier. Many airlines offer Frequent Flyer awards programs for such travelers, under which they can apply miles traveled towards free tickets or other offers.