Comparison of the Market Airport Parking

Advance Planning

Fortunately, cost-efficient parking options are available for the traveler who plans in advance. Most airports, both large and small, have parking information listed on their websites, including availability and rates; some smaller airports even offer free long- and short-term parking options.


In addition to information accessible through airport websites, several independent sites offer parking deals and discounts for all major airports--and even some smaller hubs--within the United States. These sites give travelers options such as booking parking in advance, printing coupons and searching for nearby parking alternatives.

Parking Prices and Alternatives

Not surprisingly, the bigger airports tend to have the bigger price tag when it comes to parking. Fortunately, it is also the bigger airports for which most coupons and discounts are offered on external sites; additionally, it is airports in major locations that frequently offer alternative transport to and from the airport, ensuring an option to suit almost every budget no matter where your travels may take you. Avoiding the last-minute hassle of airport parking can mean the difference between a relaxing beginning to your vacation and a stressful few hours trying to figure out where to leave your car before jetting off on holiday. Because the airport parking market provides many choices, it is in the traveler's best interest to compare the options in order to save time and money.