How to Plan for Travel by Train


Write down a list of various railroad options for your vacation. Write down all the details to help you make the best decision such as routes, timetables and other applicable features. Choose a train that comes with the best amenities for you. Look for amenities such as dining cars, lounge cars and other features. You can also choose packages to travel by if you are planning a large-scale trip, such as across America. Look for packages that offer the most value for the price.


Write a list of what stops each railroad option will make on your journey and what you would like to see. Many trains will offer sightseeing stops at specific locations on the journey. If your train does not offer this feature, plan train-to-train rides so you have time to stop in between to enjoy the sights. When planning train-to-train rides, schedule a realistic time window so you don't end up waiting too long, or not having enough time to enjoy the sights.


Pack specific comforts to make the train ride more enjoyable. Pack items such as personal pillows, neck pillows, snacks, books, CD players, Game Boys and whatever else you would like to bring. Trains have a lot more carry-on luggage room than airplanes, so you have less of a limit on how many small comfort items you can bring.

Tips and Warnings

  • Socialize on the train. Enjoy the trains dining areas, cafés and lounges. Meeting fellow travelers can be very enjoying on your train trip. However, if you wish to have a quiet trip, you can avoid these areas.
  • Traveling by train can be an exciting alternative to standard travel by car or airplane. Many trains offer romantic dinners along with their view of the passing countryside. In many cases, the train ride itself can be a big point of enjoyment for any vacation. However, planning an efficient and enjoyable vacation requires getting the most out of your train ride.