Virgin Blue Luggage Information

Checked Baggage

When traveling on a domestic flight on an everyday Blue Saver or Go! Fare, passengers can choose to check bags up to 23 kg each for a small fee. To complete this transaction, you can purchase this service online prior to arrival at the departure airport for only AU$10 per flight, or, AU$20 at the airport on day of flight departure. For passengers traveling on the flexible fare, bags can weigh up to 23 kg for no charge. Corporate Plus or Premium Economy fare passengers can check bags up to 32 kg, also at no charge. Fee exemptions apply to Velocity Gold or Silver Members as well. Note, passengers are not required to purchase checked baggage allowances for flights operated by partner airline Skywest.

Carry-On Baggage

Carry-on baggage is free of charge and may weigh up to 7 kg, measuring 34 cm in height, 48 cm in length and 23 cm in depth each. Or, two briefcases or two small bags or one briefcase, small bag and one garment bag measuring 60 cm by 114 cm by 11 cm. The total combination must not exceed 7 kg. Additionally, a personal item may be carried on. Personal items are defined as either a laptop bag, purse, small camera bag, overcoat, umbrella or mobility device.

Excess Baggage Charges

Excess baggage charges apply to a checked bag exceeding the standard weight of 23 kg. Charges will be applied at check-in; however, Virgin Blue does not guarantee excess bags will be transported as these bags are subject to overall aircraft load. Australian domestic flight charges are AU$10 per each kg over the standard 23 kg weight limit or over the 32 kg weight limit for Premium Economy, Corporate Plus and Velocity Gold members. Virgin Blue launched as Australia's first low-fare airline on August 31, 2000. Ten years later, the airline is recognized world-wide as a leader in the global airline industry. As the leading Australian airline for service, on-time performance and affordable rates, Virgin Blue is also one of the world's most profitable airline groups. Pacific Blue, Polynesian Blue and Virgin Australia are also part of the Virgin Blue Airline Group. Currently, Virgin Blue operates over 2,100 flights per week to 24 Australian Cities and eight international destinations to ports in New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga, Samoa and The Cook Islands. Clear and simple baggage policies help make travel on-board Virgin Blue seamless, easy and affordable.