Russian Bus Tours

Tour Types

Moscow has bus tours will take you to the city's major sites within a few hours. Similar tours are available for St. Petersburg, the artistic capital of the country. Coach tours are limited to these destinations and links between the cities, and with Kiev, are by overnight train.


The luxury coaches used for Russian bus tours are well-equipped and comparable to those used for the same purpose in Western Europe. Buses are normally equipped with TV (CC), air-conditioning, bathroom, radio and GPS locators. The seating is standard and the baggage hold is located beneath the bus.


Russia is a destination which invites people who do not normally take organized tours to seriously consider one. With its vast expanse of territory, difficult language for westerners, uncertain political climate in regions away from the capital and less-than-stellar road system, Russia is a place that is seen best with the traditional organized tour. Russia is a truly massive country but most of the top tourist destinations are located in its easternmost corner where Moscow, the capital, and the elegant city of St. Petersburg are found.