Fast Track Parking Near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport


Both of the Fast Track Parking lots are east of the airport. One of the lots is on Van Buren and 40th Street and the other is on Washington and 36th Street. The Van Buren lot is located on the north side of the street and the Washington lot is the northeast corner of Washington and 36th Street.


The Fast Track Parking lot on Washington has 9-foot wide parking spaces for oversize vehicles or for people who are concerned about other vehicles' doors dinging their vehicles. Both lots have shuttles that run every five to seven minutes 24 hours a day. Travelers can reserve a parking space ahead of time.

Time Frame

These lots are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and a lit at night. Attendants are on duty at both lots 24/7. Fast Track Parking is a company that operates parking lots near airports around the U.S. The company has two parking lots for travelers leaving from Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. The staff provides assistance with loading and unloading luggage. Travelers may choose to self-park or valet parking, covered or uncovered spaces.