How to Rent Luxury Cars in Massachusetts



Determine your vehicle preference. In Massachusetts, options range from Lexus, Lotus, Corvette, Mini Cooper and Hummer, to Cadillac, Mercedes, Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari, each boasting different capabilities and varying consumer appeal. Begin by researching the type of vehicle that suits your specific needs.


Search the Internet and make phone calls to determine availability, options and cost. Each factor can vary depending on availability and season. Although the age to rent a standard vehicle in Massachusetts is 18, some luxury car agencies will require a minimum age of 25.


Once you have decided on the type of car and selected your pick-up and drop-off dates, be sure you clearly understand the terms and conditions and anything unique about your contract. Additional fees may be added and can include mileage, drop-off service and fuel. Inquire about surcharges, taxes and any reservation costs that you may be responsible for. Know what you will be paying for in advance and understand how to operate the vehicle. Inquire about any special nuances or unique features pertaining to your vehicle. Be prepared to pay a sizable deposit, not typically required with standard vehicles. Luxury vehicles are a whole different breed; if you have questions, ask. Additionally, although most agencies provide loss damage or collision waivers at an additional cost, you may already be covered under your own policy, so confirm with your insurance agent directly.


Understand the car rental return procedures and policies. Find out if you can return your luxury vehicle after business hours, and the consequences resulting from non-compliance with standard procedures. On receiving confirmation of your reservation, print out your confirmation number and have it accessible when you pick up your luxury vehicle.


It's not unusual when a mainstream rental car fails to perform as proposed. But this is where luxury rentals differ. If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of your vehicle, say so. You paid a premium and should expect a vehicle with prestige and capabilities beyond the standard.

Tips and Warnings

  • Renting a luxury vehicle in Massachusetts is not much different than renting a standard vehicle in terms of procedures. The availability of such vehicles, however, is reduced, so plan early and research.
  • Luxury cars differ from standard vehicles in many ways, including enhanced cost, performance and safety features. Although Massachusetts rental agencies offering standard economy, compact, intermediate and full-size car options are plentiful, luxury vehicles are a bit harder to come by. Whether your goal is speed, size or pure luxury, however, high-end vehicles are available and accessible with a little research and planning.