How to Get United Airlines Global Services


Travel on United Airlines. Members of the Premier 100K frequent flyer tier are those who reach over 100,000 miles in qualifying miles in a single year. While there are no documented figures and Global Services is not officially tied to miles flown, the status is one step above 1K, which implies that you must reach the Premier 100K level before being considered for Global Services.


Generate revenue for United Airlines. Unlike other frequent flier tiers, Global Services doesn't operate on the number of qualifying miles. Instead, Global Services is offered to those who spend the most on United Airlines travel, or typically people whose jobs require frequent and expensive travel. In terms of revenue for the airline, this means no discounted seats and no requests to schedule travel at the cheapest possible times. One traveler claims to have been offered Global Services after spending $60,000 on United Airlines travel in a single year.


Wait for your invitation. After spending a full calendar year as one of the highest spenders on United Airlines travel, you may receive a letter granting you Global Services status. At the end of a year of membership, all Global Services status fliers face re-evaluation. Only the top spenders receive another year of invitation-only membership.

As part of its frequent flier benefits package, United Airlines offers multiple levels of "premier" status: Premier Associate, Premier, Premier Executive and Premier 100K (also known simply as "1K"). Fliers earn these statuses through miles they acquire from qualifying flights on United and its approved affiliates. For some customers, United also offers the less publicized and less defined United Airlines Global Services status, which ranks higher than the 1K status. Global Services offers certain fliers priority seating, early confirmation and a special phone number designed for 24-hour service. Membership in Global Services is by invitation only and, once granted, is dependent on annual review.