Frontier Airlines Pet Kennel Size Requirements

Transporting or traveling with your pet requires careful planning, especially if you will be flying on a commercial airline, like Frontier. There are strict regulations that you will have to adhere to, so before traveling it is best to consult your veterinarian to ensure the well-being of your pet. Additionally, Frontier Airlines has its own set of rules and guidelines for pet carriers and kennels that must be met before an animal may board its planes. It its best to familiarize yourself with kennel standards before booking your pet's next trip.

Carrying Your Pet Onboard

Due to space restraints, Frontier has very strict size regulations for carry-on animal containers. As a rule of thumb, the pet carriers must fit under the seat in front of you, while still allowing the animal to comfortably stand, sit, turn and lie down. Depending on the aircraft you will be boarding, the maximum allowable size of the carrier will differ.

For the largest plane, a Bombardier Q400, the container may be 17" long, 15.5" wide and 12.4" high. The smallest aircraft, an Airbus A318, A319 or A320 can only accommodate pet carriers that are 24" long, 15. 5" wide and 10" high. Embraers E190, E175 and E170 can house crates up to 18" long, 13.5" wide and 10" high, while pet containers must be 1" shorter and 1.5" narrower on plane models E135, E140 and E145.

Checking Your Pet As Baggage

If your pet will be checked as baggage, Frontier Airlines can accommodate a variety of kennels, from small to extra large. Depending on the size and needs of your pet, the kennel can be as small as 21" long, 14" wide and 15" high or as big as 48" long, 32" wide and 35" high. As with carry-on containers, the kennel still has to be big enough for the animal to easily lay down, sit and turn around.

Other Considerations

Frontier Airlines also requires that your pet container be leak-proof, clearly marked and secured before it will be cleared for travel. Collapsible carriers are not allowed as checked baggage and you must ensure that your kennel has adequate handles to support its weight if your pet will be traveling as cargo. It is best to contact a Frontier Airlines representatives at 1-800-432-1359 prior to booking a flight, as kennel size restrictions may change.