Sym Information


SYM operates subsidiaries in Vietnam, Italy, Germany, China and Indonesia, as of 2010. SYM products are sold in 70 countries worldwide through distributor partnerships with existing companies or directly through its subsidiaries. Carter Bro. Mfg. Co., Inc. is the exclusive distributor of SYM products in the U.S.


SYM products available in the U.S. are limited to a line of scooters that range in price from $1,969 to $4,699, as of 2010. SYM scooters sold in America come equipped with engine powers ranging from 4.29 to 20.6 horsepower and with maximum speeds from 32 miles per hour to 81 mph.


SYM has more than 2,400 employees and operates on more than 8 billion New Taiwanese Dollars (about $261 million USD) of capital, as of 2010. SYM management principles include enhancing global operations, reinforcing resource integration, expanding into global markets, upgrading quality control and improving customer service. Sanyang Industry Co., Ltd. -- which is also known as SYM -- is an automobile, motorcycle and mobile products manufacturer based in Taiwan. SYM, which was founded in 1954, originally built bicycle generator lights and employed just 10 workers.