JFK Air Train Information

Air Train Interconnection Points

The Subway's A Train interconnects with the Air Train at Howard Beach. The Air Train interconnection with the E, J and Z subway lines takes place at Sutphin Boulevard in Queens. Passengers can transfer to the Air Train from the Long Island Railroad at the line's Jamaica stop.

Air Train Frequencies and Journey Times

The Air Train operates on a 24 hour basis and stops at Howard Beach, Sutphin Boulevard and Jamaica every five to 10 minutes. It takes about 10 minutes to reach the airport from these three stations.

The journey to Howard Beach and Sutphin Boulevard. from central Manhattan by subway takes about 50 minutes, giving a total journey time to the airport of around one hour.

The journey from Penn Station to Jamaica by Long Island Railroad takes around 25 minutes, giving a total journey time to the airport of around 35 minutes.

Fares to JFK

As of 2010, the trip from central Manhattan to JFK costs $7.25 by the subway and Air Train, or $13 if the Long Island Railroad and Air Train are used.

Air Train's JFK Station

The Air Train station at JFK is linked to nine airport terminals by a system of moving walkways. JFK's Air Train provides a direct link between the New York Subway's Howard Beach and Sutphin Boulevard Stations and JFK International Airport. The Air Train also provides a link to the airport from the Long Island Railroad's Jamaica Station.