Illinois Central Electric Trains

The Metra Electric line is the only commuter rail that runs off electricity. It starts at Millennium Station and runs through Chicago and the Chicago suburbs. Metra has three service lines. Zone fare depends on the zones through which one travels. Each fare ticket allows passengers to ride both the train and bus in that zone.

Main Line

The Metra Electric line has three service routes. The first service route is the Main Line. It travels 31.5 miles from downtown Chicago (Millennium Station) to University Park. The Main Line is the longest of the Metra electric lines. Main Line shares a rail with the South Shore Service line from Millennium Station to Kensington/115 Street.

Starting at 5:30 a.m., the train runs until about 12:50 a.m. It takes 70 minutes to travel the entire service route. Trains can carry between two and 12 bikes.

Fares start at $5.50 for a one-way ticket as of 2010. Monthly passes are $139. This fare price covers fare zones A to G and line ME. The fare passes can be used on the trains and buses. The Main Line runs daily, including Sundays and holidays.

South Chicago Branch

The South Chicago Branch branches off from the Main Line at 63rd Street and services the neighborhoods between 63rd and 93rd Street. The first train starts at 5:34 a.m. and runs until 1:26 a.m. The train takes about 20 minutes to travel from 63rd street to 93rd Street. The train leaves 63rd Street every hour. Depending on the train and time of day, the train can carry between two and eight bikes. Fares start at $2.25 to travel one way from 63rd Street to 93rd Street. This fare covers zone B and line ME. The ticket will cover trains and buses in the same zone. Fare is higher to travel from Millennium Station to 93rd Street. This branch has a double track. This train runs daily.

Blue Island Branch

Starting from Millennium Station, the Blue Island Service Branch branches from the Main Line at Keningston/115th Street. The Blue Line Service Branch services the suburbs between Kensington/115th Street and Blue Island. Fares start at $2.50 to go one way. This fare allows passengers to travel through fare zones C, D and line ME. The fare is valid on the train and bus in that zone. Trains start at 5:54 a.m. and run until 12:25 a.m.