How to Rent a Hybrid Car in New York JFK Airport


Find a dealership. Several rental companies service JFK airport and will meet you their with your rental. Do some research to discover which company has the hybrid vehicle you wish to rent. Some companies that service JFK and have hybrid vehicles in their inventory are Avis, Enterprise and Hertz.


Compare prices. Several dealerships offer hybrid cars, so compare prices to ensure you receive the best deal. Some rentals are usually available daily or weekly; renting for the entire week will generally lower the daily rate. Your pricing will be affected by the vehicle make and model.


Meet regulations. Renting a hybrid car from the JFK airport will require you to meet certain regulations. These regulations will include having a valid driver's license with a good driving record, having a full-coverage insurance policy and possibly even having a background check. Most rental companies will ask for a credit card number for a security deposit. This security deposit may be a flat rate or based on the overall rental amount.


Read the contract. Prior to driving away from JFK, be sure you thoroughly read the contract. Typical guidelines include a mileage or distance limit, a no-smoking policy and mandatory gas level refill. Only the approved driver will be allowed to drive the car; you may be charged per mile that you have exceeded over the allotted mileage amount, and renters will be required to refill the gas tank to the level that it was when they received the vehicle. Violations of the guidelines can break the contract and rental facilities can confiscate the vehicle and possibly press charges.

A hybrid car is a vehicle that is powered by two sources. Popular for its low emissions and low fuel costs, most top auto makers have a hybrid model. For tourists who want to continue to reap the benefits of a hybrid vehicle while on vacation or business trip, renting a hybrid car is not complicated. The JFK airport has several auto rental companies that service airport customers; these companies are Avis, Enterprise, Hertz, National, Dollar Rent A Car and Budget.