Chocolate Tasting Tours in New Jersey & New York

Chocolate is a favorite indulgence of many. From chocolate-flavored desserts to fancy truffles, dark chocolate to light chocolate, Americans can't get enough. Just as there are different strengths, varietals and qualities of wine, chocolates are more different than the average person may know. Wine tasting offers people a chance to see what they like and learn background information about the wine. Lucky for chocoholics, many chocolate tasting tours exist in the New York and New Jersey area of the United States.

New York City Chocolate Tours

New York City Chocolate Tours have been created by Zoom Media and Productions. The company that runs Zoom Chocolate Magazine brings their love of chocolate to real life, providing several different tours in areas of New York City. A tour in Union Square includes wine, culture and, of course, chocolate. Wine and chocolate will be paired together on this historically informative tour. This tour is roughly three hours in length and the price is $80 per person. Another tour offered is in the Downtown Manhattan area, near the Soho neighborhood. It will offer a new and modern tour experience. The boutiques of the neighborhood will be a part of your chocolate experience. This tour is about two hours in length and the cost is $70 per person.

New York City Chocolate Tours

New York, New York


New York City Chocolate and Dessert Tour

This is a two-and-a-half hour tour that will take you through Manhattan. Starting on the Upper West Side, participants will get to learn about and sample chocolates and chocolate desserts. You will get to experience the newest and most well-known chocolate locations. At each location you will not only sample the chocolate, but learn about what you are eating and what pairs well with your sweet treat. This tour's pricing starts around $57, but there are options available to enhance your experience at a higher cost. Such things include an added cheese, wine or beer tasting to go with your chocolate. Tickets are available online through

Reily's Candy Factory Tour

Reily's Candy is a well-known candy company located in Medford, New Jersey. Reily's has been around since the 1960s and makes everything from chocolate truffles to chocolate-covered pretzels. Specialty holiday chocolate and party trays are also created at Reily's. Reily's offers factory tours at the low cost of $3 per person. Guests will get to experience behind the scenes action of how these treats are created. Tours are less than an hour, but are relaxed, inexpensive and kid-friendly. Tours are available all weekdays and appointments are required.

Reily's Candy

719 Stokes Road

Medford, NJ 08055