Tours of Grumento Nova, Italy

Grumento Nova is an ancient hilltop town, located in the Val d'Agri in Italy's Basilicata region. Basilicata is a mountainous area in the south, famous for its wines and olive oil. The Basilicata region is remote and has less of a tourist infrastructure than other regions of Italy. This poses some challenges for the visitor who prefers guided tours; however, some organized tour options are available both in Grumento Nova and in nearby towns.


The tourist visiting Grumento Nova will probably want to concentrate on its two most notable sites: the Val d'Agri Museum, and the ruins at the original town of Grumentum.

The National Museum of Alta Val d'Agri, in the town of Grumento Nova, focuses upon the pre-Christian and Roman history of the original town of Grumentum in the 3rd century B.C. Some of the museum's earliest holdings date from the Iron Age.

The Grumentum Archaeological Park is located near the present-day town and consists of the ancient ruins of Grumentum. The Archeological Park is on a hill overlooking Pietra del Pertusillo Lake. The ruins include a forum, a theater, an amphitheater and Roman baths. In addition, an ancient aqueduct runs through the park.

Touring Bases

Travelers to Grumento Nova have a choice of three hotels. The staff at these hotels may be able to help arrange tours. The traveler may prefer to stay in the larger town of Matera, which is located about two hours by car from Grumento Nova. It is a World Heritage site known for its "Sassi" (cave dwellings), and has many hotels and restaurants. It is a convenient base for tours of the area around Grumento Nova.


Booking a tour through a local hotel is only one option in the Grumento Nova area. Nearby Matera is a center for what Italy Heaven calls "enterprising tours" of the region. Sassi Tourism is located outside of Matera; it offers English-speaking tours of the area. L'Arcera Country House Bed & Breakfast is close to Grumento Nova, in neighboring Viggiano. The staff there can arrange English-speaking tours to Grumento Nova and to other nearby places of interest. Viaggi Lionetti has been arranging tours in Matera and the surrounding area for more than 50 years. They can provide experienced English-speaking drivers and tour guide. In addition, some tour companies outside of Italy, such as Peregrine Adventure Tours, arrange tours of the Basilicata which include Grumentum and Grumento Nova.