How to Plan a Holiday Cruise


Research cruises that have trips during the holiday you want to travel. Choose a destination you would like to go and decide how many days you would like to cruise. Find a cruise that fits your holiday schedule.


Secure the travel documentation you need for your cruise. Passports are the recommended identification for travel outside of the United States. Review the cruise line documentation requirements.


Consider taking your cruise in the fall or winter. These are "off seasons." The off-seasons are not popular cruise months, so cruise lines drop their prices to attract customers. Plan your holiday cruise during the off-season for discount pricing.


Plan to book your holiday cruise ahead of time. Guarantee your cruise by confirming in advance. If you wait until the last moment to book a holiday cruise, the ship may sell out. Check the cancellation policy. Understand the when you may cancel your holiday cruise without losing part or all of your deposit.


Schedule ground transportation to and from your port. Plan to arrive the night before your holiday cruise. If you are late, the cruise will not wait for you.


Join your ship website forums. On these forums you receive valuable information on activities, ship amenities, nightlife, food, and inside tips. Ask specific questions about your holiday cruise plans. Inquire about holiday activities the cruise or destination cities might offer.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you make any last minute changes in you plans make sure you get it in writing. This will be the only confirmation you have if there is a dispute.
  • To plan a holiday cruise, book in advance to get the best cruise price. Shop around and explore the different cruise lines to see if they offer what you want for your holiday. Some cruise lines are family friendly. These offer activities for both children and adults. If you are looking for a romantic cruise, you might search for cruises that cater to adults and couples. Before you start, choose a cruise line that offers the amenities that cater to your needs.