How to Change Reservations for a Flight on AirTran


Go to "My Account" at the AirTran website. Log in with member ID and password and view your current flight information.


Select "Reservation to Change" and "Change Itinerary" next to the departing flight and returning flight on the "Cancel/Change Flights" page. Click the "Change Itinerary" box next to your flight.


Choose your new flight and select the "Continue" button to advance to a page to confirm which flights will change.


The "Search for New Flights" page will show your current flights and form fields for choosing a new flight search. Select the new flight and continue to the next page.


Confirm your new flight. Review the transaction details for the new flight on the "Confirm Changes" page. Review any fee regulations for your selected flights. The pricing category will reveal any changes that will result in a refund, credit or an amount due. Click on the details link to see a list of fees, fares and credits for each item. Click on "Confirm and Continue" to advance with changes to your itinerary.


Proceed to the payment page to manage any additional fees or to view the itinerary receipt if no fees are due. Enter and verify your payment information. Click on "Purchase" to submit payment and complete the transaction.

Many travelers book their flight a few months in advance when planning a trip. If an emergency occurs or plans change for any reason, travelers on AirTran have the option to alter their airline reservation. Changing the date of a flight may result in additional fees. The main AirTran website allows customers to book and cancel their flights.