How to Workout on an Arc Trainer With Proper Form


Have a trainer show you how to use the arc trainer if you have not used one before. The movement can take some adjustment and you'll want to know how to adjust the machine before going it alone.


Begin in an upright position with both feet on the arc trainer's pedals. Positioning yourself correctly before starting will keep your body in the proper form to prevent injury.


Keep your hips stationary as you move through the arc trainer's movement. This will place less stress on your hips and knees. You'll also get more muscle benefit from the movement.


Place your hands on the handrests or move them as if you are running. Using the handrests gives you greater stability, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the machine. Some arc trainers have movable arms that you can use to target your arm muscles.


Find a comfortable pace and rhythm for your workout. Going too fast or trying to stretch beyond a comfortable point will affect your form and can lead to injury.


Adjust the resistance and incline to a comfortable, but challenging, level. Using levels that are too difficult for you will often lead to improper form. If you want to increase the difficulty, go slowly.

Tips and Warnings

  • Make sure that you completely stop the machine's foot pedals before stepping off the arc trainer to prevent injury. The fluid motion of the machine can make you think that you can just simply step back and off as the machine slows, but this can be dangerous.
  • An arc trainer is a piece of cardio equipment, similar to an elliptical trainer. Arc trainers move the body in a slightly different path than an elliptical machine, however, putting less stress on the hips and knees. To get the best workout, you'll need to use the proper form to boost calorie burn and avoid injury.