How to Tone the Stomach With Bicycle Crunches


Find a comfortable spot on the floor. One of the best things about bicycle crunches is that you can do them anywhere and they do not require any special equipment. You may want to use a mat to cushion your back, but doing them on a rug or carpet in your home should be fine.


Get in position by lying on your back on the floor with your legs bent at your knees. Place your hands behind your head. Remember not to use your hands to lift your body during the workout as all work should be done by your abdominal muscles to properly tone your stomach.


Point your left elbow and curl your torso towards your right knee, bringing in that knee while you extend your left leg out pointing straight. Keep your torso lifted above the ground and alternate between your left and right knee, pointing with your right elbow towards your left knee and extending your right leg when you switch sides.


Concentrate on keeping the tension in your abdominal muscles by holding your shoulders off the floor for as much time as possible during each set of bicycle crunches. The longer you hold that position, the harder your muscles will have to work. This will achieve the most muscle tone.


Focus on maintaining a good rhythm as you do the bicycle crunches. A quick tempo will burn more fat because you will complete more repetitions. However, doing slow repetitions while concentrating on the tension in your stomach muscles may more effectively tone your stomach because you are likely to perform each repetition with the proper technique. The key here is to go as quick as you can without sacrificing form.


Incorporate bicycle crunches into any workout that includes a weight bench, such as chest presses. Bicycle crunches can be performed while lying on a weight bench and are a good exercise to do in between sets. Be sure you have enough room to stabilize yourself to avoid falling off the bench and injuring yourself.

Tips and Warnings

  • Start out with a small number of repetitions and build up to more over time. Do not feel disappointed if you can only do a few repetitions before stopping. You will improve over time if you keep at it.
  • Bicycle crunches are one of the quickest and most popular abdominal exercises used to tone the stomach. It is a good idea to make them a part of your daily workout routine if you are looking to get your abs in tip-top shape. Doing bicycle crunches on a regular basis is likely to produce increased strength in your stomach muscles and give you aesthetically pleasing results at the same time.