Free Activity Clubs in New York City

In New York City many activities take place. There are clubs and groups that meet up for fun and others that meet to support a cause or goal. The club members can range from rich socialites to struggling artists. Some of the free clubs include those for singles, kayakers and runners.

New York City Singles Club

Singles clubs can be a great way to participate in activities with other singles at no cost. A single person can simply join a group and begin attending meet-up events and outings. The groups often have websites and referrals where other singles can meet. The New York Singles Club is designed for those looking for a significant other. The club hosts functions such as wine tasting and pub and bar gatherings to bring its members together in social settings. The club's members also communicate with each other through social media outlets.

New York City Singles Club

New York City Free Kayak Group

The New York City Free Kayak group is designed for those who water sports. The group meets at Pier 40 on Houston Street in New York City and is free. The group welcomes anyone over 18 at in the beginner through advanced skill levels. The group lists its meet-ups online and through Facebook. The group has more than 800 members and a five-star review.

New York City Free Kayak

New York Running Club

New York City offers many places for the avid runner. Free running groups can be an excellent way to get exercise at no cost. The New York Running Club is a running group that offer training tips, advice and activities for runners within the city. The group meets every Wednesday at the New York Running Company on Third Avenue. The group is open to anyone interested in running regardless of experience level.

New York City Running Club